Doctor supposedly cashed in critically ill patients

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Prosecutors are charged with suspected fraud and corruption

Not every medical professional is apparently more committed to the well-being of the patient than to his own wallet. This is sadly illustrated by the charges brought against a former senior doctor at the Saarland University Hospital by the Saarbrücken public prosecutor's office. The doctor is said to have enriched himself with the situation of critically ill patients, for example by only wanting to operate against cash payments.

The 54-year-old doctor now has to answer to the economic criminal chamber of the regional court on suspicion of fraud and corruption, the Saarbrücken public prosecutor's office reports in a current press release. The accused was accused of “receiving or requesting four-digit cash amounts in 21 cases from 21 cases of patients who wanted to be operated on personally because of sometimes acute life-threatening illnesses,” as he otherwise did not want to perform the operations "In addition, he had given some patients the prospect that an earlier appointment for cash payments was possible, the indictment.

Particularly serious case of bribery? Given the predicament that the patient was in and the concern for life and health, they would have made the required payments, which could result in a particularly severe punishment for the senior doctor. Because the civil servant doctor is a public official within the meaning of the criminal law and if the "cash amounts have been collected by him, these acts are legally particularly difficult cases of bribery for him," said the public prosecutor's office. (fp)

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