Don't go hungry while slimming down

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Don't go hungry while slimming down

For the bikini figure, many resort to a radical diet after the winter months. But hunger doesn't help you lose weight, explains nutritionist Jan Prinzhausen. Rather, the expert advises healthy and balanced nutrition.

Jojo effect from starvation Prinzenhausen explains: "After a few days of hunger, dissatisfaction and cravings quickly set in because the body defends itself against the risk of starvation." This can only be prevented with a full stomach. The body must be adequately supplied with nutrients. "Food intake and food selection should not be restricted too radically, as rapid weight loss leads to the yo-yo effect," warns the lecturer at the German University for Prevention and Health Management / BSA Academy in Saarbrücken. Furthermore, it is not possible to completely eliminate long-term, high-calorie, diet-unsuitable foods.

There can be a little more of healthy food The basis for slimming down consists of a healthy, balanced diet, which includes fruits, vegetables, legumes, salads, nuts, low-fat meat, poultry, sea fish and dairy products. Prinzenhausen explains: "There may be more of it." Foods rich in protein would also prevent muscle breakdown, which is associated with disturbed fat burning and a slowdown in metabolism.

The expert recommends two portions of broccoli with two potatoes and fish fillet with lemon juice for lunch. He recommends yoghurt with pieces of fruit for dessert. "Then, in the afternoon, it may be something chocolate or something similar to an apple."

Exercise keeps you fit and supports a healthy lifestyle In principle, a balanced diet should be supplemented by a healthy lifestyle. This primarily includes movement. The daily walk promotes well-being. Healthy people can also practice endurance sports. Exercise systems such as Tai Chi or Feldenkrais are suitable for people of all ages. Those who can do without alcohol and cigarettes are doing their body a great favor. Stress and little sleep should also be avoided. (ag)

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