Hartz IV: money for clothing after diet

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Verdict: Job center has to pay for new clothes for Hartz IV recipients after slimming down

The Landessozialgericht (LSG) Hamburg ruled in a recently published judgment (file number: L 5 AS 342/10) that Hartz IV recipients are entitled to new basic equipment if they lose weight quickly and their clothes no longer fit.

"Exceptional Circumstances" Are Present A man asked 420 euros for a new initial set of clothing because he had lost a lot of weight in the shortest possible time after taking a medication. He reduced his weight from 120 kg to 88 kg, so that his old clothes no longer fit him. Even his shoes are too big for him now. The job center rejected a corresponding application for initial equipment, whereupon the person concerned initially complained to the social court with success and subsequently got a right in the appeal before the regional social court in Hamburg.

The LSG Hamburg decided that it was unreasonable to expect the man to pay for the new clothing from his balancing capacity, as there were "extraordinary circumstances" such as after a fire in the apartment. This is the case when the weight loss is "significantly out of the ordinary," the court said.

Initial equipment For unemployment benefit II, all initial equipment (allowances for initial equipment) are included in the Hartz IV standard benefit, apart from the "initial equipment of the apartment". The legislator provides that for replacement purchases, such as a washing machine, even reserves must be formed. Legislators only make an exception if there are "exceptional circumstances". (ag)

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