Temporary work makes people sick more often

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Temporary work makes people sick more often

According to the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), temporary work leads to increased sick leave among employees. The reason for this is poor pay and mostly unacceptable employment relationships.

Contract workers are sick more often
According to an internal evaluation of patient data from the Techniker Krankenkasse, temporary work makes people sick more often. In the last year, agency workers were on average sick for 15 days with medical certification. In comparison, employees were off sick for a good 3.5 days in 2010. Around 806,000 people are currently working for temporary employment agencies in Germany.

Andreas T. did not get sick, but the 18 months of working in a temporary employment agency really hurt him. "It was a turbulent time. I was employed as a warehouse clerk in three different companies, so I had to commute a lot. That went down to substance," recalls the young man. It is above all the situation of the workers that is experienced as stressful. According to the health insurance company, temporary agency work itself is the trigger for the increased sick leave. However, the representatives of the Federal Employers' Association of Personnel Service Providers (BAP) do not want to leave this point as it is. They point out that the data from the health insurance company are "not representative". According to the press spokesman Michael Wehran, a large part of the agency workers would carry out physically demanding work. Therefore, on average, temporary workers are sick more often than others.

Common back pain and depression
The telecommunications fund does not contradict this argument and refers itself to the fact that some of the activities are physically demanding. However, a lower payment and constantly changing locations would also make life difficult for the insured. This is also reflected in the data. A majority of the sufferers suffered from muscle and skeletal complaints such as back pain or low back pain. These symptoms caused a good 3.4 days off per person in the last year. The health insurance company was also able to determine an increase in mental illnesses. Each agency worker was on sick leave for two days on average due to burn out, depression, sleep disorders or other mental illnesses. “People are often under enormous pressure. They are afraid of falling back into Hartz IV. People are experiencing profound insecurity, they are afraid of existence ”. Pipe installers were most often absent from the job. TK calculated an average absenteeism of 22 days a year. (sb)

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