Hardly any legal claim to family care leave

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Legal entitlement to family care leave: VdK President Ulrike Mascher demands better compatibility of care and work

The president of the social association VdK Germany, Ulrike Mascher, criticizes the draft law on family care leave adopted today by the Federal Cabinet as "completely inadequate": "Without a binding legal claim to family care leave, many employees will not be able to take the time off paid to care for a relative. Only relying on the goodwill of companies is the wrong way ".

"Caring relatives do physical and psychological hard work for years and relieve billions of dollars in contributions and taxpayers. If the compatibility of care and work is not significantly improved, our care system threatens to collapse," explained Mascher. Mascher described the proposed waiver of 25 percent as "unworldly". "The vast majority will not be able to make do with 25 percent less salary over a number of years and will not be able to cope with a later loss of pension." In the long term, according to Mascher, there is no way around giving caring relatives a financial benefit comparable to parental allowance. Only in this way would more people be able to choose to care for relatives.

In addition, the right to return to full-time work must be associated with the nursing period. People who have given up their careers to care for a relative should be supported with support programs when they return to work. The VdK President welcomed the extension of the nursing period to two years, but also raised concerns that nursing often takes much longer. For the period after the two-year family care period, there should be further considerations in order to secure caring relatives. With its campaign "Nursing concerns everyone", the social association VdK appeals to the federal government to take care of relatives in the reform of nursing care insurance. (pm)

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